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Standardized Rate Sheet

[Printable Rate Sheet]

  1. One Journeyman Electrician service call rate: Billing rate for the 1st (1) hour is an $85.00 flat rate, with a rate of $68.00 for each additional hour

  2. Billing is figured in 1鈦? hour increments and rounded to the nearest 1鈦? hour

  3. Billing rate for (1) Journeyman Electrician is $68.00 per unit hour

  4. Billing rate for (1) Apprentice Helper is $38.00 per unit hour

  5. Billing rate for (1) Journeyman w/ Apprentice Helper will be $106.00 per unit hour

  6. Billing rate for (2) Journeyman Electricians will be $136.00 per unit hour

  7. Labor for service work is billed to include travel time to and from the job (port to port)

  8. Billing rate for afterhours work is per unit hour at time and 1鈦? ($102.00)

  9. Billing rate for Sundays and holidays work per unit hour at double time ($136.00)

  10. Artisan Electric reserves the right to charge a 1.5X rate for non-standard work hours, emergency work that requires us to leave another project, or to accommodate priority scheduling

  11. We DO NOT collect sales tax 鈥?sales tax is paid to our vendors (some exceptions do apply on bid work of NFP projects)

  12. We charge a 8.50 fuel surcharge on every call in town (Lafayette / West Lafayette)

  13. We charge a $12.00 fuel surcharge on calls out of town but in Tippecanoe County, this would apply to jobs that are more than 15 miles one way from the shop

  14. We charge a $18.00 fuel charge on calls that are outside of Tippecanoe County, but in an adjoining county

  15. Typically material is to be billed at cost 鈥?we do not markup material for service work and will provide full discloser on all job cost upon request (some exceptions do apply on bid work and specialty service work)

  16. We try to collect on all work at completion unless it is contract work or an established client with a billing agreement

  17. Parts run fees for in town work are charged at $10.00 for the run

  18. Parts run fees for out of town work are charged at $20.00 per run. This would be on jobs that are more than 15 miles one way from job to supplier

  19. We accept checks, credit card / debit card payments via field card reader as well as via emailed electronic invoice